Ohrwurm gefällig? Fifty Shades of Grey la, la, la…

Fast 300.000 Mal wurde das amüsante Video mit dem Musical-Song „Fifty Shades of Grey“ auf YouTube schon angeklickt. Die Brüder Antonius und Vijay Nazareth haben sich durch E. L. James‘ populären Roman gleichnamigen Titels inspirieren lassen. Viel Vergnügen und… Ohrwurm garantiert. 😉

Und wer gerne mitträllern möchte, findet nachfolgend den Text:


Fifty Shades of Grey
My new favorite book
Every fantasy
Right in front of me
I can read it while I cook

Fifty Shades of Grey
How can I refuse
In my boring life
As a plain housewife
I can dream of being sexually abused

Fifty Shades of Grey
No way
Every page I read
Makes eyeballs bleed
Someone please explain
How this makes sense

Fifty Shades of Grey
It’s wrong
This degrading fluff
I have had enough!
Mommy Porn at women’s rights expense.

GIRL 1 + 2
This is so well written
Who the fuck would write this
Every word describes exactly how I want to feel within
What a bad example for (every girl)
Every girl should read this book
I just hope that men don’t get the wrong ideals from reading…

Fifty Shade of Grey
I pray that no one realizes
That I am loving it.
Every bit.
Hope no one finds out I’m reading

Fifty Shades of Gray
I know that I should be ashamed of this
But I can’t resist.
My poor wrist!
Hope no one finds out I’m reading

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